Our Favorite Basement Design Trends

In today’s era of home design, the basement receives just as much love as the upper floors. It’s a versatile space that can be tailored to whatever purpose you see fit, and many homeowners are finding the basement to be their number one choice for relaxing with family or entertaining guests. Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite functional basement design trends!

A room showcasing basement design trends.

Beginning Tips and Tricks

Before we dive into specific rooms and dedicated spaces in your basement, let’s look at a few tips that any basement could benefit from. Basements receive less natural light than upper floors, so if you want to maintain a bright mood, make sure to install plenty of lighting. Recessed lighting can create an even glow throughout your space or focus light on specific surfaces, such as a bar or table. Painting the walls with light colors also contributes to a cheery atmosphere.

Many homeowners like to orient their basement design around a central feature wall. This wall could include a mounted TV, fireplace, backlit shelves, or a combination of all three! Place a sofa, coffee table, or a few chairs in front of the wall for a cozy gathering space. Drink and snack ledges with bar stools can also help define spaces in your basement while adding extra seating from which to converse with guests or watch the TV.

Multi-Purpose Game Room

A game room can also serve as the center of an inviting basement. Whether you prefer pool, foosball, or ping-pong, a dedicated place to play is sure to be a hit with friends and family. You could also opt for a simple table to play board games and card games. Just don’t forget about cabinets and shelves to store those games! A game room is also the perfect space to install a chalkboard wall—keep a tally of your points for everyone to see, or let the kids draw to their hearts’ content.


You don’t need to add a full kitchen to your basement, but even a small kitchenette vastly increases the space’s versatility. A small fridge, microwave, and some counter space makes it easy to store and prepare your favorite snacks. This is perfect if you have limited storage space in your main kitchen or just want to make popcorn more accessible during movie nights. Add a wet bar, and you have the ideal space to prepare and serve drinks to guests.

Sport Court

In-home sport courts continue to grow in popularity as families search for new ways to exercise and have fun without leaving the house. At Hanson Builders, we specialize in the construction of two-story sport centers with enough space for all your favorite activities. Whether you want a place to shoot baskets or a safe area for the kids to practice their slapshots, there’s a sport court design for you.

Home Gym

Some homeowners like to dedicate a portion of their sport court to working out, while others prefer a dedicated home gym in the basement. You can outfit this extra room with exercise machines and equipment or keep it simple with plenty of floor space and room for free weights. Floor to ceiling mirrors and rubber flooring make this room perfect for any sort of workout. It can even double as a yoga studio!

Home Theater

Enjoy the luxuries of a movie theater in the comfort of your own home with a private theater experience. With a mounted TV or projector plus your very own theater seats, you’ll never feel pressured to buy expensive tickets again. Plus, the only limit to what you can do with a home theater is your imagination. You can install acoustic panels for better audio quality or set up a popcorn and snack station for an authentic moviegoing atmosphere. Family movie nights and date nights just got even better!

Design Your Ideal Basement with Hanson Builders

Has this list of basement design trends inspired you to create your own perfect floorplan? At Hanson Builders, we love collaborating with clients to bring their dream homes to life. We’ll listen to your ideas, show you how we could realize them, then build a home that is finely tuned to your family’s rhythm and lifestyle. Contact us to today to start the conversation.