Home Built in Ensenada, Mexico - Hanson Builders

On November 13th, a group of 32 people—employees and their spouses from Hanson Builders flew down to Mexico to build two homes for two families with an extreme need. These families literally live in shelters they created from cardboard and scrap wood, no running water and most times no electricity.

This will be a new start for both families, just to be able to have a door that locks is a luxury. We were able to provide each family with a new home AND furniture, thanks to the giving hearts of Dean and Catherine Hanson who paid for all of us to go and purchased the home and furniture packages for these families. We are so blessed to be a part of this eye opening experience.

If you or someone you know are interested in helping out a family or would like to get involved check out this wonderful organization:

Check out the video here

Youth With a Mission – Homes of Hope

Neighborhood: In the Valley

Model: The Ensenada

Community: Durango

Price: Built with Love

Family: Melgar Cortez Family