What to Look For When Choosing a Location For Your New Home

Selecting a location is the first step in your home building or buying journey, and it’s just as important as the construction process itself. Hanson Builders offers lots in several carefully selected neighborhoods across the Twin Cities, but we’ll build in whatever location fits your needs. So, what should you look for when choosing a location for your new home? Continue reading as we walk through the most important factors to consider.


If you have kids or plan to, finding a community with exceptional schools should be a top priority. Research local school districts and consider whether they meet your standards for quality of education. Though they require tuition costs, private schools offer extra flexibility since you don’t need to live in a certain district to send your kids there.


Do you like having nearby options for shopping, dining, and entertainment? Check out the neighborhoods you’re interested in and see what stores and restaurants they have to offer. Do you like to spend time in nature? Make sure to research what parks, trails, and green spaces are available in the area.

Commute Times

Finding a comfortable, welcoming neighborhood is important, but you also want to live within a reasonable distance of your workplace. Look for locations with easy access to major roads to minimize your driving time. This is more important for some than it is for others, but it’s good to keep in mind when searching for a community.


What style of living suits your family the best? Are you interested in urban living closer to the city? Or would you prefer a rural area with plenty of nature and wide-open spaces? Suburbs can offer the best of both worlds in a family-friendly atmosphere. Consider your family’s hobbies and what type of neighborhood would feel the most like home. Visiting potential neighborhoods to see them for yourself can be a fun way to spend a spare afternoon or evening.

Neighborhood Features

What does the immediate neighborhood offer? Many communities incorporate a homeowner’s association and offer a pool or playground for residents only. Lot sizes also vary by neighborhood. Some communities feature scenic views and walking trails. These are all matters of personal preference, so think about what best suits your needs.

Partner with Hanson Builders

We’re proud to build homes in the best school districts, with easy access to shopping, dining, and major roads. But if you don’t find what you’re looking for in one of our neighborhoods, we’ll help you find the perfect location or build on your lot. Our process is always personalized to meet your needs, and we never compromise on quality.

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