How to Personalize Your Luxury Home | 4 Strategies

One of the great joys of owning a home is designing and decorating it however you wish. Even if you buy a move-in ready home or build a preexisting floorplan, there are endless ways for you to put your own stamp of style on your house. In today’s blog, we’ll explore how to personalize your home with a range of design options and create a living space that is truly yours.

Consider the Floorplan

If you haven’t started building yet, take some time to think about what sort of floorplan would best serve you and your family. Would you prefer an open or closed layout? Open-concept floorplans are great for entertaining and blending spaces together and can make a home feel airy and spacious. But if you have several people working or studying from home every day, you may want to create more closed-off spaces for greater privacy and focus.

Even if your floorplan is already finalized, you can still customize your space to fit your needs. A home office, for instance, can be converted into a spare bedroom, studio, or playroom for your kids. Consider your family’s daily rhythms and what features may be most useful, such as extra-large cubbies in the mudroom or a lengthy kitchen island.

Select Unique Materials

You can create a personalized feel to your home by building and decorating with materials that fit your style, such as glass, leather, wood, and stainless steel. Glass is great for reflecting light and creating a bright atmosphere, while stained or laminated glass add eye-catching artistry to your living space.

Leather and faux leather can give texture and a luxurious look to any room. These materials come in a variety of styles and are easy to blend with colors of your choosing.

Wood is a versatile material that can be used to accomplish many different styles, such as an organic, natural aesthetic or a more traditional, high-end appearance.

Metals such as stainless steel are great for creating a sleek, modern look and are easy to match with kitchen appliances and other fixtures.

Install Creative Lighting

Light fixtures come in dozens of shapes and styles, providing an easy way for you to express yourself. Do a quick Internet search, and you’ll find everything from modern chandeliers to recycled glass lamps. Many light fixtures allow you to adjust brightness and color temperature to create your ideal mood in every room.

Choose Décor that Speaks to You

Put the finishing touches on your home’s interior with your preferred decorations. This is perhaps the easiest and most enjoyable way of personalizing your new living space. Try filling up wall space with photos of family, friends, or favorite places. Use this as an opportunity to showcase your interests as well. If you’re fond of a certain art style, now is the time to demonstrate it. Some people love showing off their book collections on built in shelves, others enjoy placing houseplants in every room. Remember, this is your space—don’t feel like you have to follow certain trends! The important thing is that it feels like home to you.

Ready to Bring Your Dream Home to Life?

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