The Best Smart Home Features for a More Innovative Home

When you choose Hanson Builders, your new home is a canvas for your creativity and personal expression. It’s up to you to choose the fixtures that make sense for your family and support your lifestyle. Among the many options for furnishing your home, smart home features offer convenience, comfort, security, and style. Now, imagine you’re stepping into your brand new Hanson Builders home. Let’s take a tour and consider what it might look like with the best smart home features incorporated into each room.


You have several options for smart home features before you even enter the house. Outdoor security cameras let you keep an eye on all corners of your property, record footage, and enable motion-activated floodlights and sirens. A video doorbell allows you to see and speak with visitors and offers many of the same features as advanced security cameras, such as motion alerts and automatic recording while you’re away. For extra security at the front door, many smart locks can recognize your voice and fingerprint while also offering entry through mobile apps or traditional methods.

Great Room

As the center for relaxing and entertaining in your home, the great room offers many opportunities for smart home integration. A smart speaker plays music and gives you control over the other devices in your home through voice commands. Smart displays offer many of the same features in addition to a touch screen that lets you make voice calls, watch videos, and view camera feeds. Smart speakers and displays are also popular options in the kitchen.

Smart bulbs and other lighting features offer multiple colors and brightness settings, so you can adjust the mood to fit the time of day or occasion. Many homeowners choose to install smart thermostats that can be programmed to a custom schedule, saving on energy costs by reducing use while you’re at work or asleep.


Smart appliances have been steadily growing in popularity, and today’s tech-savvy home features a variety of devices to make cooking faster and more convenient. Smart refrigerators can double as control hubs with large displays and connectivity with your other devices while also offering temperature control and interior cameras. Full-size smart ovens, pressure cookers, and air fryers can be controlled with simple voice commands or mobile apps. Smart coffee makers offer similar features and can be programmed to automatically brew your coffee at desired times.


Comfort couldn’t be more important in the room where you sleep every night, and many smart home features can help you get better rest. Smart beds offer adjustable firmness on both sides, meaning you and your partner can each choose your preferred setting. You can even buy a smart mattress topper to adjust your bed’s temperature. And for those looking to improve the air quality in their room, advanced air purifiers are a must.

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